Parenting Book


Coordonator: Prof. Florina Tecsan




Short Description

Adolescence is one of the most difficult phases in human life. Both the teenager and his/her family face different kinds of problems, some of them are able to cope with these problems, while others look to experts, acquaintances or books for solutions to the problems they cannot cope with. Almost all such books are written by adults. Within the scope of this project, we plan to listen to the problems of teenagers revealed by the teenagers themselves, who will write letters of advice to each other. These letters will be turned into a book in the universal language under the topic of each issue, aiming to find a small and simple solution to a universal problem. Our project is 8 months long and will be finalized in the first week of June.


With this project, our adolescents will voice out, write, record and present the problems they experience. Thus, they will make progress in terms of expression and socialization during this period. The participants who read and listen to these problems will write letters of advice to the students in English and publish them on the project’s blog page or padlet. In this way, their foreign language proficiency will improve as well as their sense of empathy and understanding.  The main goal of this project is to create a primary source of information that parents can turn to when looking for solutions to adolescent problems. They will be able to find real solutions in the Parenting Book that will be prepared together with our project partners. Because the best way to solve a problem is to talk to the person who is experiencing it. In our project’s book, parents will be able to read the feelings of our students who actually experience these problems and their peers’ answers to these problems. The project is a unique project that has a lot of affective, cognitive and social gains and is designed to contribute to solving real problems.

Work Process

A more detailed and clearer work plan will be prepared after meeting the partners of our project and online interviews. The process will start with identifying the participants, introducing the project to the students and involving them in the project. Stages such as logo and poster work, creation of web visibility will be distributed among the partners. Afterwards, participating students from all partner schools will be encouraged to make videos on the identified adolescent problems and others will be encouraged to write letters of recommendation. The 10 most popular letters of recommendation on each topic will be included in our Parenting Book as the final product.

Expected Results

Our students will develop a sense of belonging to this project, which is really about their own problems, and they will be happy to take part in this international project. They will have the opportunity to listen to and observe their own feelings, as well as take part in creating an excellent resource for the unknown number of parents who will be the readers. Since the project language is English, they will improve their foreign language skills and IT skills in the computer environment, which they will constantly try to follow and be active in. They will make many national and international friends, empathize and socialize.  Since the target group of this project is very wide, it is foreseen that the results will have a very positive impact on all beneficiaries.


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