Expand My Horizon, Share My Knowledge

Period: November 2023 – May 2024

Coordinator: Prof. Silvia Cîrstea

Participants: Students from 9C: Bianca Mirea, Erica Daia, Răzvan Dulgheru, Oscar Negoi, Ruxandra Codreanu

Description of the Project

A project that aims to improve students’ skills in creating presentations on cultural topics (countries, towns, people, history, literature etc. – anything that has to do with culture), delivering these presentations in a professional way, improving their language skills, teaching them team work, interculturality

Languages: English

Number of pupils: 10-30Ages taught from 14

Ages taught to 19

Subjects: Art, Foreign Languages, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Language & Literature

Key competences: Cultural awareness and expression,, Digital, Personal

Aims: The idea for this etwinning project is to design activities in which students will work in teams. They will be required to make a presentation, using a digital app (e.g. Canva) on a cultural topic. They can choose to present a country, a town or city, a cultural personality, a famous book or play, anything that they consider representative of their culture. For this they will need to do some research and learn to select and filter information that is really relevant for their presentation and that will make their presentation attractive, interesting, fun, memorable. Next they will need to learn to deliver their presentation, that means not just reading it, but being able to address an audience and present their work in an interesting, professional and fun way so that anyone who hears or sees the presentation will actually listen and pay attention.These presentations will be delivered in online meetings to the teams of students from the partner countries. They can either film their presentation or present it directly online during a meeting. Finally, students will create Kahoot games in which they will try to test the knowledge that was acquired by their peers. This activity will be done by each team of students from each partner school and will be presented to the others. This way, students will all share their cultural knowledge and at the same time find out more from their peers.
At the end all presentations will be gathered in one ebook.

Work process

Starting the project (November – December)
– teachers choose the participating students and form a team
– each team decides on the cultural topic of their presentation (they will decide what ithey will present: a cultural personality, a cultural landscape etc.)

Preparing the presentation (January – February)
– each team of student will post on the Twinspace a short guide with tips for a good presentation. They will recommend steps and actions that need to be followed when deliverig a presentaiton. These will become the rules of a good presentation and will be included in an electronic guide
– each team will carry out research, collect material and prepare their presentation in a certain app (e.g Canva, Genially etc.)

Delivering the presentation
– teachers will schedule on an online meeting where the teams of students can present themeselves and then get the chance to deliver their presentation to the other students or they can film their presentation beforehand and show them during the meeting
– each team of students can share opinions by referring to the rules of a good presentation that they have included in the guide

Consolidating knowledge (March-April)
– students will prepare Kahoot games with questions from their presentations
– an online meeting can be scheduled and these Kahoot games can be played online directly or, as an alternative, each team of students can share their Kahoot game link with the other teams

Finalizing the project (May)
– all the presentations will be gathered in an ebook and uploaded on the Twinspace

Expected results

– an eguide on the rules of how to deliver a good presentation
– Kahoot games
– an ebook with presentations on cultural topicsEdit